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Peloton Capital Management is an independent SEC-registered investment advisor centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We are an employee-owned private wealth management firm and emerging institutional asset manager with nearly $300 million in total assets under management.

Founded in 1984, our senior investment professionals have an average of over 30 years industry experience and we specialize in the management of high-quality, domestic growth equity and balanced portfolios for both private clients and institutions.

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In competitive bike racing, the peloton is the main group of cyclists riding in tight formation, conserving energy and significantly reducing drag by riding close and drafting behind one another. This exploitation of the potential energy savings leads to complex, cooperative, and competitive interactions between the riders and the teams in both race tactics and strategy. Pelotons are fluid, dynamic, and beautiful in action but require significant skill, coordination, teamwork, and trust.

Much like the peloton, we strive for a result that is an efficient and dynamic portfolio that can power clients towards their investment goals. We adhere to a disciplined and proven investment process to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. The investment committee’s extensive experience and team continuity is the foundation to our collaborative investment approach. Our singular focus is on achieving each of our client’s unique investment objectives while striving to deliver excellence in portfolio management and client service.

Private Wealth Management

  • Custom Portfolio Management
  • Comprehensive Wealth Planning
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Tax-Efficiency
  • Risk Management
  • Client Service & Reporting

Institutional Asset Management

  • Large Cap Growth Equity
  • Tactical Large Cap Equity
  • Mid Cap Growth Equity
  • Small Cap Growth Equity
  • Custom Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Client Service & Reporting


We value excellence over growth and integrity over revenue. Our core values serve as the four pillars of our firm:


We value collaboration and it is visible within all facets of our firm: our approach to building portfolios, the continuity of our investment team, and our strong relationships with our clients.


We value strict adherence to transparent business practices and the highest levels of fiduciary standards which serve as the foundation that our culture is built upon.


We value taking a personal approach to building long-term professional partnerships built on trust, and we provide our clients with open and proactive communication in all aspects of our engagement.


We value giving back to the community through supporting excellent non-profit organizations engaged in improving and enriching the lives of people and families within our community.

The Peloton Difference


Founded in 1984, our firm has helped clients for 40 years and our senior professionals have been navigating financial markets for an average of 30 years.


Our independence aligns our interests with that of our clients, and we are committed to exceeding expectations while striving for excellence in customized portfolio management, comprehensive wealth management, and client service.


All of our investment decisions are based on our rigorous internal research and each of our client’s unique guidelines, risk tolerance and overall investment objectives.


Our disciplined, proprietary, and research-driven investment process allows us to minimize emotion, focus on the fundamentals, and invest where we identify the best opportunities.

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