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We are pleased to announce the most recent addition to Peloton’s team, Roshan Selladurai, our new investment analyst. Roshan graduated in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Indiana University, where he was valedictorian of his class.  Roshan completed internships in capital markets, consulting, and a human-computer interaction technology startup, prior to joining Peloton. “Ultimately, my passion for investing is driven by my interest in the challenges of constantly changing markets, and the opportunity for rewards based on taking a unique approach to evaluating companies,” Roshan says.

“Roshan interned with us 18 months ago, and we were thrilled to have him join us full-time,” said Steve Carr, Peloton’s director of research. “He brings an understanding of business and strategy that you might expect from someone who’s been working for five or six years; Roshan’s already made a significant impact in the month that he’s been here.”

A native of Schererville, Indiana, Roshan enjoys games of strategy, traveling, and playing guitar.  “One of my favorite things to do in my free time is play games, such as Chess and Settlers of Catan, with friends because it’s both challenging and fun.” Please join us in welcoming Roshan to Peloton. We look forward to introducing you to him in the near future.